The PROMPT manual

The PROMPT Course manual was first published in 2008 (RCOG Press). Since then it has consistently been bestselling title in the RCOG bookshop with excellent reviews.

"The most useful resource ever, for educating student doctors and midwives and for supporting best practice for all qualified O&G and midwives"

The second edition of the PROMPT Course Manual has been comprehensively updated and an Australia and New Zealand edition was published in 2013. A third edition (Cambridge University Press) will be available in 2018. 

Contents of PROMPT Course Manual (Second Edition):

• Module 1 Teamworking
• Module 2 Basic life support and maternal collapse
• Module 3 Maternal cardiac arrest and advanced life support
• Module 4 Maternal anaesthetic emergencies
• Module 5 Intrapartum fetal monitoring
• Module 6 Pre-eclampsia and eclampsia
• Module 7 Maternal sepsis
• Module 8 Major obstetric haemorrhage
• Module 9 Shoulder dystocia
• Module 10 Cord prolapse
• Module 11 Vaginal breech birth
• Module 12 Twin birth
• Module 13 Inverted uterus
• Module 14 Basic newborn resuscitation


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