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Getting started in your unit

PROMPT is a locally adapted and implemented course. It is run in your birthing unit with a local multi-disciplinary faculty. It is very much the opposite of an educational "away day" where a few staff members train off-site or in a single-discipline "silo". 

Implementing PROMPT training is much more likely to be successful if you have an enthusiastic multi-disciplinary faculty of midwives, obstetricians and anaesthetists.  

Sustaining PROMPT training will need support from a unit's management team and a local champion(s) happy to make running PROMPT training  part of their job within your unit.

Ideally, all staff providing maternity care within a unit should attend regular PROMPT training. This requires some administrative support to ensure a record is kept of attendees. Staff timetables and the department's clinical workload may also need to be adjusted to ensure staff can attend.


Auckland and Christchurch have now run over 40 courses each and have regularly had  potential faculty from other units attend PROMPT training to experience a course and see how they are run. Auckland and Christchurch faculty have also visited other units to help them run their first PROMPT course.


Contact PROMPT New Zealand if you wish to attend a PROMPT course in Auckland or Christchurch or need help upskilling new local PROMPT faculty members. 

From 2021 the New Zealand PROMPT faculty will be running Train the Trainers courses in Christchurch and Auckland. These will be run for units planning to send a multi-disciplinary team for training or for units wishing to upskill new  faculty members. Contact PROMPT New Zealand for more information on dates and locations for our 2021 T3 days.


The Course in a Box

A key tool for implementing PROMPT training is "The Course in a Box".


The course in a box contains:

  • A course manual  - further copies can be ordered to give, sell or loan to course participants.

  • A trainers manual with scenarios for a range of obstetric emergencies, hints for safe and effective debriefing, and  a guide to localising and implementing your first PROMPT course.

  • Access to the "PROMPT Cloud" containing everything needed to adapt scenarios for use in your unit and lecture slides that can also be adapted to take account of local resources  and protocols.


Running your first PROMPT course can seem daunting but the PROMPT New Zealand team are here to give advice and support. 

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