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Contact PROMPT Aotearoa New Zealand if you are:

A midwife or doctor interested in introducing PROMPT training into your unit - we can help you get started.

A funder or manager wanting to know more about PROMPT as a cost-effective training programme that improves neonatal and maternal outcomes - we can provide you with the papers and information you need.

Already running PROMPT in your unit and needing help - we can help improve your course, give you advice and upskill new faculty.

A potential course participant wanting to know where you can attend a PROMPT course - PROMPT New Zealand can put you in touch with your PROMPT faculty locally or your nearest birthing unit running PROMPT.  


Our next Train the Trainers course is on Friday 21st June in Christchurch.  

Use our contact form to register or find out more

Contact the Aotearoa New Zealand PROMPT team at or complete the contact form below.


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