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PROMPT (PRactical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training) is an evidence based multi-professional training package for obstetric emergencies. It is associated with measurable improvements in perinatal and maternal outcomes. It has been shown to improve knowledge, clinical skills and team working.

PROMPT courses have been run in Aotearoa New Zealand since 2006 and more than two thirds of the country's birthing units have run PROMPT training. There have been over 5000 individuals attendances and more than 2500 course manuals have been sold.


PROMPT's multi-professional approach and local adaptability make it a cost-effective way to ensure all staff providing maternity and labour care can work confidently and effectively together when a childbirth emergency occurs.

ALL clinicians involved in care of pregnant women should undertake REGULAR, MULTI-DISCIPLINARY training in the management of obstetric emergencies…..”

12th Annual Report of the Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Review Committee 2016

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improves clinical outcomes
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